I am an art director and graphic designer with over twenty years of experience from brand conception and designing to management. I enjoy collaborating with graphic designers, copywriters, digital designers, product designers, product managers, engineers, and marketing and sales teams throughout the lifecycle of a project.

I have enjoyed creating designs for a wide range of brands in retail, home goods, real estate, health, financial, food, fashion, engineering, promotional and non-profit.


Art Direction
Print Design
Packaging & 3D Design
Logo & Icon Design
Brand Development
Multi-Page Design
Digital Asset Design
Digital Retouching
Hand Drawing & Painting


While my experience has expanded over the years, my desire to keep learning drives me as a person. There is always something new to learn and always something new to be inspired by. I find inspiration in the natural modern hues of nature and from the diverse and creative people in my work and life.


I have a passion for volunteering and giving back to the community. I earned a scholarship for my volunteer work, and I eventually channeled my passion for graphic design into causes close to me outside of work. I share my love of designing by providing support to charity through donation of my time.