Featured Project: Kichler Lighting Packaging

Client: Lowe’s and Kichler Lighting
My Role: Creative Manger, Senior Graphic Designer
Scope of Work: Art Direction | Packaging Design | Graphic Design | Brand Guidelines

The Goal

Kichler Lighting is an industry leader in decorative lighting trends and products. Kichler partnered to sell their product in Lowe’s stores within their own branded packaging. The goal was to create this branded packaging in coordination with launching new on-trend products in Lowe’s.

Design Process

For the initial packaging design, we began a competitive analysis of the current landscape within Lowe’s stores, as well as trend research within the retail environment across big box retailers. We thought about how to draw customers in and create packaging that would also stand out on the shelf against many bays of other packaging designs in beige and white.

I created a color palette including a light blue color that complemented the bolder blue of the Kichler logo, along with practical considerations of label substrate and finishes that would protect the packaging in this specific retail setting. Decorative, ceiling fan, outdoor and landscape products were all considered within this project.

I presented concepts alongside the Kichler Team as well as collaborated with Kichler executives and the Lowe’s merchandising team to develop the packaging design. We provided on-shelf renderings and full-scale packaging mock-ups for review. This was a rewarding project to work directly with the Lowe’s team and learn more about the store environment and their perspective of the needs of their customer.

In addition to the packaging, I designed merchandising to showcase the Kichler branding on the bays. To help provide the customer with a quick look at an entire family of products, and in coordination with Lowe’s teams, I also created collection cards that are positioned on the bay decks.

Continuing the Customer Experience

To create a memorable purchase, the project included designing thank you cards that are placed inside the box on top of the product. The thank you card showcases the entire collection of products for the customer to easily reference and find the other coordinating products in store or online.

Redesign Process

Based on the new branding guidelines created by the Bran Team, I led the packaging redesign project. I gathered inspirations and developed concepts that reflected the new brand foundation.

In integrating this new foundation, I made the observation that in current retail setting, warm and bold colors now dominated the shelves. We considered using the white and neutral colors within the corporate color palette. We decided strong and simple shapes could be more impactful than the patterns and room scenes on our surrounding competitor packaging.

Coordinating Designs

I redesigned the landscape packaging to coordinate with the decorative packaging style and design, utilizing secondary colors within the Kichler color brand palette.

Brand Guidelines

For brand consistency, I created a new packaging guidelines manual and templates. Along with establishing an appropriate hierarchy for the logo, product name and descriptions, I considered consistent box alignment with shelf planograms. As new products are added to the product line, the foundational hierarchy is continually developed, and guidelines are updated.


Over one-hundred products were included in a successful initial launch. The redesign represents the Kichler brand in a fresh new style and has also been translated into branded store merchandising in other areas. The redesigned packaging has continued to roll out in Lowe’s stores.

Designs: © Kichler Lighting LLC