Kichler Lighting Retail Displays in Lowe’s

I have designed numerous in-store materials for Lowe’s stores.  I have created smaller projects such aisle violators, product collection cards and sidestack graphics.  More recently, I have also created larger display items such as full endcap promotion backdrop graphics and full bay side and backdrop graphics that integrate riser signage.  With designing branded packaging for Kichler Lighting and providing production of private label packaging for Lowe’s stores, I have been able translate my knowledge of those brands into well-rounded in-store display materials.

In a recent project for Lowe’s landscape lighting bay, I designed a large backdrop and riser graphics to correlate with the Kichler Lighting brand landscape packaging re-design. I additionally directed an outside illustrator who created the backdrop house and yard illustrations.

Kichler Lighting
My Role
Art Direction, Display Design, Retail Material Print Design