élan Branding

Kichler Lighting launched a new brand, élan, in January 2013.  élan features contemporary lighting products in artistic forms and Kichler desired that the brand look conveys the unique and modern style that reflected that of the products themselves.  Most of the fixtures originally were chrome and crystal so I designed a black on black look to really make the product pop.  This look was integrated into the early photography, catalogs and the website.

In the initial development of the élan brand, I assisted in naming the brand.  I created over 400 brand name options alongside others from my colleagues before the “élan” name was chosen.  While the brand name was in fluctuation, I created many logo options to correspond with the brand name options, until the élan name was chosen.  After additional logo concepts, the élan logo with a black diamond shape was chosen as the favorite option by Kichler executive staff.  The logo was simplified to just the text of the brand name in 2015.

I collaborated with an outside vendor on the design of the élan website. The website was built in WordPress by the vendor and an additional graphic designer and I maintained it.  The élan brand website was merged into the Kichler website in 2019.

The brand look has evolved from a mostly black style to incorporating a range of gray tones.  I created a new brand look and layout design that included angled layers and an integration of white that was introduced in 2018.  I developed a brand guidelines manual, that included the new color palette, to reflect the new brand look.

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Art Direction, Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Website Design